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Smooth Detangling Hair Mist (120 ml)

Smooth Detangling Hair Mist (120 ml)

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A Non-greasy, Lightweight with essential oil blends of Sweet Orange, Grapefruit Pink, Lavender and Geranium Leave-on-spray for damped or dry hair that provides faster detangling and increased shine effect, added with Rice & Wheat Protein to help strengthen fragile hair.
Most suitable for eliminating frizz, calming flyaways and preventing static.

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  • Bergamot

    • Rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials properties that help shield your hair and scalp against damaging effects of oxidatives.
    • Contains fatty acids that effectively getting rid of buildups.
    • Increases blood flow and induces soothing effects with its calming properties.
  • Tea Tree

    • Contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that prevents buildups and removes dead skins, unclogs hair follicles and nourishes roots.
    • Deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp, greatly reducing dryness, flakiness, dandruff and itchiness.
  • Rosemary

    • Contains Carnosic acid that heals nerve and restores tissue in the scalp.
    • Boosts blood circulation for healthier hair growth.
    • Has anti-inflammatory effect that improves cellular generation which aids in hair growth and thickness.